Imaging and specialist interpretation, under one roof, on the same day. That was the convenience I needed.

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Get accurate readings and expert interpretation that provides the answers you need. SCU’s Center for Diagnostic Imaging is operated by board-certified chiropractic radiologists who have been serving the needs of our patients for decades. Our experienced radiologists are dedicated to prompt and accurate evaluations of your diagnostic imaging—here for patients as well as doctors in the community.

Whether you need a new reading or a second opinion, we make it convenient. Eliminate the need to travel to a separate imaging facility and wait for days to receive the results. At SCU, x-rays are completed on-site, with expert review and reports generated on the same day. We get it right, right away, so you can get on with healing.

Readings Provided:

Readings at the SCU Center for Diagnostic Imaging include:

  • Interpretation and Acquisition of X-Rays
  • Interpretation of Your Radiographic Studies

  • CD or DICOM-Based Imaging Interpretation of X-Ray, CT, and MRI
  • Film Scanning and Copying

Diagnostic Expertise

Select a diagnostic expertise below and discover more to the right.

  • Film Reading

    Film Reading

    The Center for Diagnostic Imaging generates professional reports on x-ray, CT, and MRI studies in a timely manner and can also generate secondary reports on previously read imaging when a second opinion is desired.

  • Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

    Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

    The Center for Diagnostic Imaging has an on-site diagnostic ultrasound unit which uses sound waves to produce diagnostic images of tendons, ligaments, nerves, muscles, and joints. Ultrasound is safe, noninvasive and does not use ionizing radiation. The scans performed are performed and interpreted by a board certified radiologist, registered in musculoskeletal sonography (RMSK®).

  • X-Ray Image Acquisition

    X-Ray Image Acquisition

    The Center for Diagnostic Imaging has on-site facilities to perform radiographic studies that can either be interpreted by on-site radiologists or sent directly to the ordering physician with no report.

  • Film Scanning and Copying

    Film Scanning and Copying

    The Center for Diagnostic Imaging has an on-site digital film scanner that converts your hard film radiographs to digital images.

  • Advanced Imaging Acquisition

    Advanced Imaging Acquisition

    The Center for Diagnostic Imaging partners with SHIN Imaging to perform and interpret advanced imaging for your patients (MRI/CT). Simply check the box that says “Chiropractic Radiologist Report” on the following form.


Transmit Images and Referral Orders

Community doctors can utilize the Center for Diagnostic Imaging’s services by referring patients for imaging or by sending x-rays for professional reports or second opinions. Our services include:

  • Interpretation and acquisition of x-rays
  • Interpretation of your radiographic studies
  • CD- or DICOM-based imaging interpretation of x-ray, CT, and MRI

With our Carestream Vita CR X-Ray system, we can acquire digital x-ray imaging on your patient, and securely email you a copy of the images with a digital report sent directly to your office.

For physicians who prefer to acquire their own images but would like to utilize our interpretation services, x-rays and CDs can be mailed to us, or you may transmit images via DICOM image transfer/web uploader which expedites report turnaround time.

Referring Physician Resources

Download the appropriate form for the service you would like to utilize. Send the form and/or any accompanying documents or imaging via:

Fax: 562.902.3328
Or Mail: 16200 Amber Valley Drive, Whittier, CA 90604

Patient Resources

Give us a call at 562.943.7125 and schedule a date and time that works for you. Bring the x-ray examination request completed by your doctor to your appointment.

First Visit.

First Visit.

At SCU’s Center for Diagnostic Imaging, patients can have x-rays completed on-site with expert review and reports generated on the same day. This eliminates the need to travel to a separate imaging facility and wait for days to receive the results.

We accept most types of insurance as well as cash payments. Our billing department will bill insurance companies directly. In addition, we are a preferred provider for Blue Shield of California. Cash, check, Visa or MasterCard are accepted.

Our Doctors

Hector Rivera-Melo, D.C., DACBR, RMSK

Matthew Eurich, D.C., DACBR

Hector Rivera-Melo, D.C., DACBR, RMSK

Matthew Eurich, D.C., DACBR

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Dr. Gilmore earned a Doctorate of Chiropractic at SCU, and now runs his own practice in Pensacola, Florida. Despite the distance, Dr. Gilmore and SCU continue to collaborate. After capturing digital x-rays, Dr. Gilmore offers his patients the ease of remote expertise and increased accuracy by utilizing SCU’s Diagnostic Imaging Interpretation Services. The result is over 70 five-star patient reviews for Dr. Gilmore’s chiropractic, post-accident recovery, and digital x-ray services.

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